Harga Rp.5.000.000,-

Komponen produk ini:
– 1 Unit PC Pentium i Core 3, HDD 1TB, RAM 4Gb, VGA PCi Supported, DVD ROM
– 1 Unit Monitor 19′
– 1 Unit Software DeejaySystem

This Playout is a multi-screen player for movies, music video clips, logo impose, runing text, karaoke and audio files. It’s able to play two videos style and perform live audio and video mixing.


– Ease of use. Simple and intuitive design.
– Dual audio/video/karaoke playback in two independent decks.
– Frame-exact audio and video synchronization.
– Audio/video mixing (crossfader) with 6 different video mixing effects.
– Dual video output system. The mixed output is projected full-screen to output devices (TV, projector, etc.)
– Support for up to 2 live cameras (USB, 1394…) simultaneously with the dual video playback.
– Customizable background and logo (overlay).
– Text ticker features: scrolling tape, static text.
– Multiple screens are supported, with no limit.
– Ability for choosing the screen for full-screen video output.
– Ability for opening multiple and work together, either sharing screens or using different screens for full-screen video output. Each instance can manage two audio/video files and two live cameras.
– Can be used with an external video mixer.
– Live recording. You can lively record the mixed output onto DVD, VCR or HD recorder by using the secondary video output of your PC.
– Aspect-ratio applied on video playback according to screen’s dimensions.

Supported formats & devices:

– Audio: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WMA-DRM, WAV, audio CDs (CDA), MOD music (XM, S3M…)
– Video: MPEG, MPEG-2, MP4, AVI, DivX, XVid, DVDs (unencrypted VOB files), WMV/ASF, WMV-DRM, DVR-MS, VCD, Quicktime, FLV (YouTube), DVR-MS, 3GP, Real Media, …
– Karaoke: MP3+G, CD+G, BIN, LRC, ZIP-compressed MP3+G. Requires the free codec Karaoke for DirectX 3.0 Beta 3.
– Output video devices: secondary DVI/VGA output, composite video, S-Video.
Input video devices: Firewire/1394, USB webcam, PCI TV/Video capture cards.

Hub. 085291569777


Perihal hardyminhardkindangen
Simple and creative

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